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Mineral Processing

With the booming needs of all kinds of the metals, lots of slurry pumps are used for delivering the fine ore and tailings for the mineral separation. In the ore dressing plant, slurry pumps are very important as fluid delivering equipment. After crushing and screening, the ore particles mixed with the chemical compositions would be delivered to another tank or action equipment.

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Power Plants

Most the power plants are burning the coal to get the power, which is easy to pollute the environment and the air. Then, the plant uses the WET WAYS to rid of the powder of burned coal. The slurry pumps will deliver the mixture of powder and water to the pond. With the compressing equipment, the powder would be together to be the block and the water could be recycled again for next mixing. In addition, desulfuration is also a big factor for slurry pump application in power plant. When the coal is burning, the sulfur in the coal is acted with oxygen to be sulfur dioxide or other sulfide. If it goes into the air, it will pollute the air very heavily, even forming the acid water. Therefore, the slurry pumps are used widely in power plant for above causes.




Sewage water, industrial waste water and life waste water is produced every day everywhere. There is the impurities in the water and maybe corrosive. The slurry pumps are good at delivering this kind of liquid. Usually, for this kind of usage, more slurry pumps are run in series in order to reach the goal of long distance. Then, the sewage water would be transported to industrial water treatment plant to keep the environment green.